Killers Of The Flower Moon

Killers Of The Flower Moon

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When oil is discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land, the Osage people are murdered one by one—until the FBI steps in to unravel the mystery.

  • Starring: Robert De Niro, Joe Chrest, Martin Scorsese, Brendan Fraser, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Lithgow, Barry Corbin, Sturgill Simpson, Gary Basaraba

  • Director: Martin Scorsese

  • Writer: Eric Roth, Martin Scorsese, David Grann

  • Running Time: 206 minutes

  • Certificate: 15

  • Language: English

  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

  • Country: United States

“A fascinating companion piece to The Irishman: another soaringly ambitious, balefully riveting act of American national-historical vivisection, carried out within the framework of one of the signature American genres.”
★★★★★ Robbie Collin,  Daily Telegraph

“It’s Gladstone who provides the film’s centre of gravity. She gives one of the most extraordinary performances by a woman in any of Scorsese’s movies. She is serene but not saintly; a figure of tragedy with a fire in her belly.”
★★★★★ Clarisse Loughrey, Independant (UK)

“Killers of the Flower Moon suggests film-makers should keep on keeping on. I’d even put my cowboy boot on the line and declare this one of the best Westerns ever made and almost certainly the best film of 2023 so far.”
★★★★★ Charlotte O'Sullivan, London Evening Standard

“This is an utterly absorbing film, a story that Scorsese sees as a secret history of American power, a hidden violence epidemic polluting the water table of humanity.”
★★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“A soulful and unsettling movie that is self-aware about how storytellers twist and manipulate truth.”
★★★★★ Radheyan Simonpillai, Globe and Mail