London East Asia Film Festival: Hand Rolled Cigarette



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  • Director: Chan Kin-Long
  • Running Time: 110 minutes
  • Certificate: 15
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Hong Kong

Former British colonial army Kwan Chiu (Gordon Lam) now makes money as a freelancer for local  gangs. In particular, he is a middleman between Hong Kong Boss Tai (Ben Yuen) and Taiwanese  triad leader Pickle (To Yin-gor), an arrangement that looks set to earn him a handsome payoff.  However, things are complicated by the appearance of small-time thief Mani (Bipin Karma), who  has stolen drugs from Tai’s men and ends up seeking refuge in Kwan’s apartment. Mani agrees to  share a cut of his profits with Kwan in return for protection, which the ex-soldier accepts,  compensation should the big deal fail. Which it does, with Kwan being held responsible. Chan Kin-Long’s neo-noir combines the suspense of a gangster thriller – replete with a stunning  climactic set-piece – with piercing social drama to impressive effect with his feature directorial  debut. 

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