London East Asia Film Festival: Sugar Street Studio



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  • Director: Sunny Lau
  • Running Time: 89 minutes
  • Certificate: 12A
  • Genre: Horror/Comedy
  • Country: Hong Kong

Film producer Pierre (Matt Chow) has a problem. To get a production financed, he turned to a local mobster. But now that film has stalled and Boss Choi wants his money back. Just when the future looked grim for him, Pierre hits upon an idea. A local property owned by Choi is believed to be haunted. So why not bring on board the production team from the film and transform the place into a haunted theme park. It seems like a perfect plan and there’s certainly an audience for it. The only problem is that the real spirits that occupy the place aren’t too happy and look set to do something about it. Playing with classic horror tropes, Sunny Lau’s film successfully combines genre thrills with a smart takedown of the movie business.

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